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Decimal and Percent Task

Welcome, trusted members of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures! We are glad you could make it here today. We have a daunting task for you.

The International Bureau of Weights and Measures has been asked to intervene with 2011 International Pizza Expo. The Expo's organizational committee is in the midst of a divisive argument. Months before the Expo, they cannot agree on how Expo participants should report the quantity of their pies.

Group 1 insists that all chefs report their pizza in percentages. For example, 50% of a pie costs $5.00.
Group 2 insists that it's only fair and equal if all booths present their slices in fractions. 1/2 of a pie costs $5.00.
Group 3 insists that it's best to use decimals to advertise their pies. .5 of a pie for $5.00.

As a member of the IBWM, your task is to consider the options and present your findings to the Expo planning committee at large. In your presentation, consider the following:
  1. Which method makes the most sense given the fact the chefs need to communicate with 1000's of people who speak dozens of languages?
  2. When presenting your findings, create at least two examples of how the other two approaches are WRONG. In other words, provide two ways that using percentages doesn't make sense, fractions are the wrong approach, or decimals are unreasonable. Don't just explain why your approach is best, explain why the others are no good or faulty.
  3. In your justification, tell the story of someone attending the Pizza Expo. They will start with $50.00 to buy pizza. They will need to visit at some booths and buy different slices of pizza. Walk them through each purchase using your recommended approach and at least two non-examples (in other words what would happen if the planning committee choose something other than your approach).
  4. Since you're representing the IBWM, your answers must be beyond reproach. This means including examples of how you checked each example for reasonableness. The more proof of your accuracy and attention to detail, the more likely the committee is to agree with your findings.
  5. You will need to prepare a presentation using Google presentations, Glogster, Smart Note book, or any other tool at your disposal. This will allow the heads of the Pizza Expo to have viable data to back up their decision.

The 2011 International Pizza Expo is planned for Wednesday, February 23rd. In order to give the chefs enough time to prepare their pizzas and signs, you will need to have your presentation in to the head of the IBWM by 12:30 on Wednesday, February 16th.

Good luck, the outcome of the Pizza Expo and pizza as we know it now rests on your shoulders!

Below are the proposals from Math 3

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